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Apple Solutions

Apple Consultants are here to help you identify the best technology for your small or medium business, and to ensure your IT solutions are set up, configured, and supported correctly. Learn how an Apple Consultant can help your business.

Deploying macOS and iOS - iPadOS Devices

If you are planning to adopt Apple Technologies for your institution, don’t forget to reach our consultants in the beginning of your procurement process. We can introduce you to the right reseller that fit for your deployment project. Every step you take into the right direction, like choosing the legitimate reseller and registering Apple deployment programs, will reduce the workload of your IT department.

- Choosing the right Apple reseller and deployment program
- Choosing the MDM - UEM - EMM solution for your needs
- Cable network based deployment scenarios for macOS devices
- Cable and wireless deployment scenarios for iOS and iPadOS devices

Managing macOS and iOS - iPadOS Devices

Reach us for centralized Apple device management, deployment, remote access and security policies projects. We can discuss your needs and we can direct you to the right MDM / UEM / EMM solution that fits. If you prefer, we can set it up for you and deliver training. So you can manage your own devices. Or, we can set up and manage your devices in behalf of you.

- Choosing the MDM - UEM - EMM solution for your needs
- Managing the Apple Business Manager process for auto enrollment
- Creating and deploying the central management policies
- Delivering the content (Apps, Books etc) and using location based services

Infrastructure Integration

Reach out our consultants to achieve the integration between Apple devices and your current network infrastructure. Get the expertise of GetInfo consultants for Active Directory integration, setting up the proper Wi-Fi network for mobile devices, cloud based or on premise central management systems and all related IT projects.

- Setting up 802.1x for identity verification
- Setting up Active Directory and other directory services
- Setting up email, calendar, file sharing services
- Setting up the central management services and integrating with current IT infrastructure

Security Policies

Your Apple devices can adopt the same IT security policies you’re already using in your environment. Just call us and we can discuss about how to harden device security using Apple operating systems’ embedded features and 3rd party tools.

- Software and hardware based security features of macOS
- Software and hardware based security features of  iOS and iPadOS
- Actions that MDM systems can apply
- 3rd party security solutions and centralized security management

App Development

You can develop your own corporate apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleWatch or AppleTV using Objective-C or Swift languages on Apple’s development environment Xcode. You can take the Xcode training from us before start your project. And also you van ask for consultancy for your ongoing development projects.

- Project development with Apple Xcode
- Migrating from other object oriented languages to Objective-C or Swift
- Support for 3rd party development frameworks for Multiplatform projects
- Support for corporate deployment or AppStore deployment models

Content Development

You can get help from our consultants for developing in-house publications, training documentation and digital publishing. We’re developing digital publications using Apple iBooks Author, Adobe InDesign and all other content development tools in ePub 3.0 and other formats. And also you can get training from us to develop your own books.

- Rich and interactive publication design with Apple iBooks Author
- Rich and interactive ePub 3.0 publication design with Adobe InDesign
- ePub Fixed and Fluid layout publication development
- Support for all books publishing platforms

Apple School Manager

Meet the Apple’s classroom management system, Apple School Manager. Teachers will discover new ways to help their students with Apple School Manager. It also works with any mobile device management system.

- Apple School Manager LMS and MDM integration
- Remote connection to student devices
- Redirecting the student screens to AppleTV
- Centralized resetting password
- Centralized device management

Support and Solution Services

You can call our team to get instant support for your Apple devices, peripherals, connected services, software and/or hardware related problems etc. We can make using Apple easier for your IT teams an end users.

- Solving macOS problems
- Solving iOS and iPadOS problems
- Help Desk Service
- On-Site or remote support

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